[geos-devel] Upgrading to geos 3.3.0 broke all our codebase !

Maxime van Noppen maxime at altribe.org
Fri Jul 8 11:57:49 EDT 2011

On 07/08/2011 05:44 PM, Sandro Santilli wrote:
> You're basically noticing here that about 17 calls to malloc + 17
> calls to free (34 calls of memory related functions) are taking up
> 41 + 15.2 = 56.2% of the time while 41% of it is spent doing 100000
> dynamic_cast calls.

Why only 17 malloc/free? I attach the output of callgrind, which shows 
100000 calls to dynamic_cast, new and delete.

> I guess your average GEOS application does more than that ?

The application as whole, of course. But this kind of loop on that large 
datasets also exists. Loading data for example, where we have a loop 
akin to that one (except that we dynamic_cast the result of reading a 
WKB, thus reducing it's impact but it's still noticeable and enough for 
us to worry about). As I said, that only impacts very specific and 
intensive codes, but still the impact exists.

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