[geos-devel] Second beta for ffi-geos extension now available

J Smith dark.panda+lists at gmail.com
Wed May 11 19:34:06 EDT 2011

G'day list.

To mark the occasion of the GEOS 3.3.0 release candidate, I've pushed
a new version of the ffi-geos gem to github and rubygems. Changes from
the first beta release include:

- a few new methods like Geos::LineString#offset_curve and the latest
relationship methods on Geos::PreparedGeometry.

- accordingly, I got rid of the Geos::LineString#buffer_single_sided
method since it's been deprecated in 3.3.0 and we want to use
offset_curve going forward.

- a move to more ruby-ish use of symbols for constants and enums for
things like geometry types. The older numeric constants should still
work to stay backwards compatible with the binary geos module.

- added the densify_frac argument to Geos::Geometry#hausdorff_distance.

- what were previously three buffer methods (buffer, buffer_with_style
and buffer_with_params) have become one buffer method that allow for
overloaded parameters that accomplish the same thing. No sense having
all three methods that are the same only different, right?

- marginally better documentation and more test coverage.

Things are looking good for a pretty decent stable release I hope.


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