[geos-devel] Shortest Line Between Two Polygons

Chris Hodgson chodgson at refractions.net
Thu Apr 19 17:33:40 EDT 2012

Alternatively you could look at the distance function in GEOS or Postgis 
- it's probably a similarly large amount of code - but it must find the 
closest points on the two inputs in order to calculate the distance, all 
you need to do is grab those points and put them together as a line.


On 12-04-19 02:27 PM, Curtis Jones wrote:
> I just started using GEOS (C API) yesterday, so I'm probably missing the obvious answer. Given two polygons, I'd like to get a line that connects the two closest points of those polygons; or, more specifically, the point on polygon 2 that is closest to polygon 1.
> While trying to find the best way to do this I found that PostGIS has an ST_ShortestLine(<geom1>,<geom2>) function, so I dug into its implementation. It's not a trivial amount of code.
> Is there a GEOS-provided method of accomplishing this?
> Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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