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#593: WKB Should output SRID of 0
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 Priority:  major       |   Milestone:  3.3.6                     
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 Postgis 2.x now assumes that 0 represents an "unknown" srid.  So in our db
 we have an enforce_srid constraint that says the srid should be 0 when
 storing indoor features.

 Problem is geos intentionally doesn't output a 0 srid, here is the code:

 WKBWriter::writeSRID(int SRID)
     if (includeSRID && SRID != 0)

 This breaks our app because when it inserts a record to postgis it sends
 the new geometry using the wkb format.  Since geos doesn't emit the 0
 srid, the enforce constraint fails because the srid isn't set at all (and
 we want it to be 0).

 Could this check be removed to bring geos in line with postgis?

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