[geos-devel] Ability to preallocate the WKT stringstream buffer for really large geometries?

Mats Taraldsvik mats.taraldsvik at norkart.no
Fri Jan 18 03:52:41 PST 2013


Generally, I'm very satisfied with the WKTWriter, which is really easy to use, and converts the Geometries to the WKT format. However, when converting _large_ geometries (in this case, contour lines), I get a major decrease in performance.

By looking at the source code (and profiling), I believe the use of a stringstream and hence a dynamically increasing string buffer, constantly reallocating, is causing the performance penalty. Possibly also copying the large string.

Is there anything I can do to improve this scenario? Do you accept contributions to fix this (e.g. passing in the expected size of the resulting WKT string)?


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