[geos-devel] Do we still need/are maintaining AUTHORS - All in favor of #3 please vote say eye

Paragon Corporation lr at pcorp.us
Wed Jul 31 13:18:28 PDT 2013

On closer inspection, I see there is also an AUTHORS file and it contains
names of authors as well, which is inconsistent with the names of Authors in

I suggest we either delete authors.svn or AUTHORS unless authors.svn is used
for something else.

It would seem AUTHORS is more descriptive than the authors.svn, 

1) so my gut sense says -- lets keep AUTHORS and get rid of authors.svn

But my gut is a bit torn, because my other gut senses say

2) But AUTHORS requires me to state what role I have, but how can I know
what my role is if I haven't done much work.

3) Then my other gut sense says -- lets keep AUTHORS and chuck authors.svn,
If I don't know what areas I work in I probably shouldn't be given developer
rights anyway and should just be allowed to contribute patches.

Therefore I shall go with gut sense #3.

All in favor say I for gut sense #3.

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