[geos-devel] Using C instead of C++ api in library used by QGis plugin?

Tereza Fiedlerová tfiedlerova at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 09:19:39 PST 2013


I am writing a conflation plugin for Quantum GIS. The functions which
are used by plugin are written in my own external library using GEOS
for representating of geometry and geometry functions. Now I have a
dilemma. Should I use GEOS C or C++ api in my library? I read that C
api is recommended because of it is more stable. But when I tried to
use it, I'm missing some functionality. Till now I run into following

When I use GEOSCoordinateSequence I cannot simply add or get a point
or add another CoordinateSequence.

In future I want to use functions for triangulation, but there is no
similar class like DelaunayTriangulationBuilder in C api.

I also don't know how to edit geometry in C api without GeometryEditor class.

These all makes my code complicated and something is not possible to
do at all. Can you tell me if I should keep on working with C api or
use C++ api? And if C api is better, are you willing to add some
functionality necessary for my library if I asked?

Thanks for an advice
Tereza Fiedlerova

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