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i was looking at port of Delaunay triangulation. and came to know some of
these stuff:
i looked at the method signatures from the javadoc for JTS, and saw these
signatures in the headers files 'libgeos/include/geos/triangulate'. And
their implementation in 'libgeos/src/triangulate'. And also noticed some of
the methods in QuadEdgeSubdivision.h were missing. I think there were
mainly related to voronoi cell.

I was searching for JTS's source code on git hub, and didn't find the code
for Delaunay triangulation. in 'com.vividsolutions.jts' directory i
couldn't find the triangulate directory. Where can i find that?
Can you provide me a link where i can find JTS triangulation source code?

And yes i understand the memory management problems in c/c++ that can


On 29 March 2013 18:12, Sandro Santilli <strk at keybit.net> wrote:

> On Fri, Mar 29, 2013 at 04:09:17PM +0530, vishal tiwari wrote:
> > hey Sandro, thanks for replying. I want to know details of the project.
> The
> > ideas page of GEOS talks very less about it. I want to know what exactly
> > needs to be done in the project that is proposed.
> Figuring it out is part of the project :)
> > From the statement what i have understood is, that we have to port the
> > classes of Voronoi functionality from JTS to GEOS. JTS are java API, and
> we
> > need to port it to c++ classes. I want some guidance on how java classes
> > can be ported to C++.
> The last port has been for the Delaunay triangulation, you could start to
> see how that was done. There's a git mirror of the codebase on github if
> you're more comfortable with that (offline history helps).
> The main problem you'll have to deal with is memory management:
> the Java version relies on automatic garbage collection while in GEOS we
> have to do that manually (no refcounting, no reachable graphs).
> It's usefu to start by looking at what's missing.
> The GEOS codebase organization reflects the JTS one pretty closely.
> --strk;
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