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#687: Affine transformation functions
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 This is a feature request to apply a 2D or 3D affine transformation to a
 geometry. The routine should ideally be applied in-place, only changing
 the values of the vertices.

 There are several implementations of the affine transform, including
 shapely.affinity] and PostGIS (e.g.
 here] and

 Derived functions, such as "rotate", "scale", "transform" and "skew" can
 be build by client applications by assembling the appropriate matrix
 parameters. As for the function signature, I think the best approach would
 be to keep the same matrix order of {{{[a, b, d, e, xoff, yoff]}}} for 2D
 and {{{[a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, xoff, yoff, zoff]}}} for 3D. Whether or
 not these should be fed into a single function as either a 6 or 12-length
 double array, or as two functions with fixed arguments is debatable.

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