[geos-devel] Single-sided buffer gives unexpected result

Paul Meems bontepaarden at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 04:48:35 PST 2014

I have this linestring:
LINESTRING(6.59607872405104612 53.00390260763848715, 6.5970405434596513
53.00362892273712845, 6.59798287063396227 53.00336078433459619,
6.59864650169724065 53.00303357725661613, 6.59938686388177764
53.00283982209050748, 6.60119220843164101 53.00211012469529948,
6.60112679624460608 53.00208460961093948, 6.60026057476097616
53.00174672587350244, 6.58878962886061181 52.99727229739764311)

I create a single-sided buffer of -9E-10 (-70m) with flat endcaps and round
This should create a polygon left of the line.
But it creates a buffer as in the attached image. You can see that in the
right corner the polygon is also at the right of the line. This happens
only at sharp corners.
Am I forgetting a setting or something?

Please advice.


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