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Jürgen E. Fischer jef at norbit.de
Tue Nov 10 03:11:39 PST 2015

Hi Mateusz,

On Tue, 10. Nov 2015 at 10:50:57 +0100, Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> > Why not?  Other projects have to.  I'd prefer to keep the C++ API out
> > of the picture.
> If I may, one correction: other projects do NOT have to, but they choose to.
> GEOS C++ API is an official API perfectly supported and
> recommended to use by GEOS users.

Sure.  And as the C-API doesn't cover everything, it's sometimes even
unavoidable to use the C++ API (or requires to extend the C-API).

> There is, however, cost involved. That is, GEOS does not promise C++ API/ABI
> stability, so those who choose GEOS C++ API should be aware they may need
> to update change their code more frequently.

Also right - plus that we need to either pick one C++ compiler that works for
everyone (Qt and reverse dependencies currently use 2010 in OSGeo4W - not
2012), leave some behind or ship a myriad of different packages to suit

> So, I don't think it's a good idea to forbid the freedom of GEOS API choice,
> especially if it is a choice between officially supported APIs.

I just stated a preference - and asked whether it is feasible to port OSSIM to
the C-API.


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