[geos-devel] [GEOS] #767: "definitely lost" memory leak in rgeos_Init (rgeos.c:57)

Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Thu Feb 4 14:30:23 PST 2016

>  I would like to file a bug spotted via Valgrind while loading the R
>  rgeos package. Below are the steps to reproduce it.

This is obviously not a GEOS issue, but should have been sent to the
maintainer of the rgeos package, that is to me. I have resolved the ticket
as invalid.

The identity of "philae" is unknown and untraceable - please contact me 
directly including the test script, which wasn't attached to the ticket.

A minor leakage of 40 bytes isn't a big deal, and its origin isn't clear.


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