[geos-devel] git-appraise testing

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Sun May 29 13:42:57 PDT 2016

As we move from SVN to GIT (sloowly, I know, sorry for that)
I started looking at options to get peer reviews w/out being
dependent on a git hosting service (like OSGeo's Gogs or
gitlab) and found this:


It promises to support for distributed reviews, up to line-oriented 
comments, by placing reviews within the git repository (in a custom

For testing, I pushed a review request for GEOS to the Gogs mirror.
It should show up if you:

  $ git remote add osgeo https://git.osgeo.org/gogs/geos/geos
  $ git appraise pull osgeo
  $ git appraise list

Maybe the bots could pick review requests, test the build
for them and report the build status (thinking forward).


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  /\   https://strk.kbt.io/services.html

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