[geos-devel] QuadEdgeSubdivision.cpp line 586. Is there anything wrong?

梁天辰 2284168009 at qq.com
Mon Mar 6 23:02:05 PST 2017

geos 3.5.0

i'm using geos to generate voronoi diagrams . i want to know each site i input into the function and its corresponding polygon.

here is the code according to page http://geos.osgeo.org/doxygen/classgeos_1_1triangulate_1_1quadedge_1_1QuadEdgeSubdivision.html#a3ee3bb33600640553458ba405e83f485

 std::auto_ptr<GeometryCollection> polys = subdiv->getVoronoiDiagram(geomFact);
 for (std::size_t i = 0; i < polys->getNumGeometries(); ++i) {
  Coordinate *c = (Coordinate*)((Geometry*)(polys->getGeometryN(i)))->getUserData();
  const Polygon* p = dynamic_cast<const Polygon*>(polys->getGeometryN(i));

  std::auto_ptr<CoordinateSequence> cs(
  size_t from = cs->size();
  //ensure_equals(from, cs->size());

coordinate of cordinate* c does not equal to any of my input sites.

so i feel in QuadEdgeSubdivision.cpp line 586, there should be some code passing a coordinate * variable to function setUserData using operator new.
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