[geos-devel] Optimization

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Tue May 2 18:48:17 PDT 2017

I can't speak for the developers, but I think it is highly unlikely that 
they would do anything along these lines if it is not compatible across 
multiple architectures. There are lots of high performance CPUs/GPUs/etc 
out there each with their own special requirements. Who is going to fund 
development, ongoing support, debugging and bug fixing. And you have to 
have systems with these chips in them to support that. It is costly and 
time consuming to do this for even one of them. This also puts multiple 
different execution paths in the code that makes it harder to maintain.

I think the community would rather the developers make really good, 
portable, well tested code that works on all platforms, and it release 
in regular stable way with new geospatial features rather than focus on 
support one platform in some specialized way instead of doing new 
feature development.

My 2 cents anyway.

On 5/2/2017 5:51 PM, Amanda Osvaldo wrote:
> Hi Steve, more than the compiler it is necessary for the data to fit 
> into the processor correctly.
> And more, I don't have found GPU code yet.
> I don't know if it's will take some advantage, however for a large scale 
> processing it should be necessary.
> *Tell me, I not confounding the things?*
> I see Geos has a geometry engine, however, it doesn't mean that it's a 
> high-performance engine or designed for massive computation.
> -- Amanda Osvaldo
> On Tue, 2017-05-02 at 14:02 -0400, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
>> On 5/2/2017 1:53 PM, Amanda Osvaldo wrote:
>>> Hi everybody. I'm reading the Geos source code and have no found any 
>>> low-level optimization, like the use AVX2 instruction set for Intel 
>>> processors. It's an important question because without these and 
>>> others optimization I have no significant difference between a Intel 
>>> Core and Intel Xeon processors. Can someone tell me if the lack of 
>>> optimization is intentional or just a lack of programmers? -- Amanda 
>>> Osvaldo 
>> Amanda,
>> I would think that this is the responsibility of the compiler, not the
>> application. I believe you can get an Intel compiler that is designed to
>> optimize for these various HW differences.
>> https://software.intel.com/en-us/blogs/2013/01/03/free-intel-c-compilers-for-students-and-related-parallel-programming-tools
>> -Steve W
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