[geos-devel] Segmentation fault when using intersect with multithreading

Tanguy Fardet fardet.tanguy at laposte.net
Thu Nov 23 09:05:56 PST 2017

Hi again,

just to let you know that the segfault dissapears if I store 
oneGEOSPreparedGeometry copy of the global GEOSGeom evironment per 
OpenMP thread and use the thread-specific copy in GEOSPreparedIntersects_r.

Thus, it seems that, at least in my code and GEOS 3.6.2, the API is not 
providing thread safe access to shared data using OpenMP.


Le 23/11/2017 à 15:50, Sandro Santilli a écrit :
> Are you using the C or C++ API ?
> When using the C API you can define
> the GEOS_USE_ONLY_R_API macro to be
> sure to be only using thread-safe methods.
> If you find a non-reentrant path by using that
> API then please file a bug report including
> the smallest testcase.
> --strk;

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