[geos-devel] C++14

Daniel Baston dbaston at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 08:55:36 PST 2018

Paul raised an issue yesterday about how to mark something as "deprecated"
without using the "[[deprecated]]" attribute provided in C++14.

It made me wonder what others think about using C++14 for GEOS. I see C++14
as mostly a "bugfix" to C++11, introducing things like std::make_unique
that were oddly omitted from C+11.

If we are going to modernize the code to use C++11, why not go straight to
C++14? Are there major platforms that support C++11 but not C++14?

If you look at this chart, there is no release of gcc, clang, or MSVC that
supports ALL of C++11 without also supporting ALL of C++14:

In all cases, you need gcc5, clang 3.8, or MSVC 19.0. (But yes, _most_ of
C++11 is implemented in earlier releases of these.)

What do others think? One argument I can think of against this is that it
complicates backporting of bugfixes.

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