[geos-devel] *.vc files

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Thu Dec 20 12:22:27 PST 2018



Wipe out all the VC build files.  I think we said in 3.8 we would officially no longer support VS and windows users should use cmake.


There are way too many versions of VS to keep track of. Even a windows user is not going to test all permutations and each always seems to require a slightly different diet.


You'll have to kill the appveyor testing of NMake etc. though.  I think both dan and I have appveyor jobs things since I get alerted when it breaks.


But you can take those out of the appveyor testing suite.


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Are the *.vc files still maintained at all? I'm guessing not. Can we expect VC builds to use cmake now?


I'm attempting to integrate all version information to one place for all builds, but the manual maintenance of the *.vc files remains a sticking point.


If they are dead I'd like to remove them from master.


I'm also willing to remove them from 3.7 if there's a desire to backport one-point-of-truth versioning to that branch.


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