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#896: Many (all?) GEOS operations do not preserve SRID
 Reporter:  dbaston     |      Owner:  geos-devel@…
     Type:  defect      |     Status:  new
 Priority:  major       |  Milestone:  3.6.3
Component:  Default     |    Version:  3.6.2
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 For example, the following test fails:

     void object::test<11>()
         geom1_ = GEOSGeomFromWKT("LINESTRING(0 0, 10 0)");
         GEOSSetSRID(geom1_, 32145);

         geom2_ = GEOSOffsetCurve(geom1_, 2, 0, GEOSBUF_JOIN_ROUND, 2);

         ensure_equals( GEOSGetSRID(geom1_), GEOSGetSRID(geom2_) );


 It's obvious that SRID could be preserved here. For binary operations, I'd
 say that it's not the job of GEOS to check SRID consistency, and that the
 result could have the SRID of the first argument.

 Any thoughts about this?

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