[geos-devel] Tickets that can be pushed / closed

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sun Jun 17 01:08:50 PDT 2018

I'd like to release GEOS 3.7.0beta1 sometime next week.  Before I do, I want
all changes that may incur introduction of new/change to function signatures
to be in place before then.

Here is list of open tickets for 3.7.0


Some things that keep on being pushed that have been pushed for a long time,
I just moved to GEOS Fund Me since it sounds like there is no super interest
in getting them done.


If you feel otherwise and want to work on some of these, feel free to push
to 3.8.0 or 3.7.0

Most 3.7.0  milestone appear to be bug fixes or performance enhancements
except  for possibly the ones marked as enhancements

#727 - Port Polygonizer support for valid polygonal output from JTS -
#665 - st_isvalid fails to detect invalid interior ring orientation
https://trac.osgeo.org/geos/ticket/665  (this one doesn't sound like it
would change any signatures)

This one was in the GEOS Fund Me, but had a patch, so I moved it out to
3.7.0 - can anyone think of a reason why this should not be included in 3.7?
#581 - Expose getZ to the CAPID via GEOSGeomGetZ -

Also if anyone is working on something not ticketed, please add a ticket for

If there are no plans to do the above items I'd like to push them out of the
3.7.0 milestone to either 3.8.0,  the GEOS Fund Me category, or just close
out as already/or wont fix).


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