[geos-devel] Geos 3.7.0beta1 release planned this Monday

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Sat Jun 23 16:28:29 PDT 2018

I'm planning to release Geos 3.7.0beta1 this coming Monday.  At that point I
expect no more API changes.  By that I mean only bug fixes, performance
enhancements will be allowed.
No new functions.  Please speak up if you have issues with that.

Since my last email discussing the open items, 

I have committed this one since I heard no objections and darkpanda was kind
enough to rebase his patch:

3.7.0 - can anyone think of a reason why this should not be included in 3.7?
#581 - Expose getZ to the CAPID via GEOSGeomGetZ -
Other things I pushed to GEOS Fund Me since there didn't seem to be much
interesting in working on them.

So what's left is this


Which none I think require any API changes to C++ or C.


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