[geos-devel] TABS or SPACES - ALL DEVELOPERS and PSC Vote

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Mon Sep 10 09:45:37 PDT 2018

As many know the GEOS code base is a mess of different formatting.
Particular with tabs and spaces.
Our .editorconfig is equally messy in the name of compromise.

I'd like to make a Motion starting with GEOS 3.8 to reformat the .cpp, .h,
and .c

I think the other extensions are pretty standard and should stay as they

That said, what would people prefer?

I vote:


Please all PSC and all developers who commit to GEOS voice an opinion.
We'll count the votes and go with the consensus with each vote counting
If any non-dev, non-PSC have an opinion, feel free to voice an opinion
keeping note we may not care about your opinion, but might possibly sway
ours :)

Once done - pramsey or cvvergara or strk will do a 1000 pound commit to
update all these files (including the editorconfig)


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