[geos-devel] GEOS 3.7.0 is released

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Mon Sep 10 22:21:38 PDT 2018

The GEOS development team is proud to finally release GEOS 3.7.0.
After many years of soul searching, we finally got out a release.
Note this is the first release to require a C++11 compiler to compile.

Source code can be downloaded from:

3.7.0 changes
- New things:
  - CAPI: GEOSDistanceIndexed (#795, Dan Baston)
  - CAPI: GEOSCoordSeq_isCCW (#870, Dan Baston)
  - CAPI: GEOSGeom_getXMin, GEOSGeom_getXMax,
          GEOSGeom_getYMin, GEOSGeom_getYMax (#871, Dan Baston)
  - CAPI: GEOSFrechetDistance (#797, Shinichi SUGIYAMA)
  - CAPI: GEOSReverse (#872, Dan Baston)
  - CAPI: GEOSGeomGetZ (#581, J Smith)

- Improvements
  - Interruptible snap operation (Paul Ramsey)
  - Numerous packaging, doc, and build changes
    (Debian group: Bas Couwenberg, Francesco Paolo Lovergine)
    (NetBSD: Greg Troxel)
  - Allow static library with C API for CMake builds (#878, Dakota Hawkins)

- C++ API changes:
  - Require defining USE_UNSTABLE_GEOS_CPP_API for use without
  - Make C++11 required (Mateusz Loskot)
  - Use C++11 unique_ptr, nullptr, and override constructs
    (Mateusz Loskot)
  - C++11 standard delete on noncopyable
    (#851, Vicky Vergara)
  - Fix CommonBits::getBit to correctly handle i >= 32
    (#834, Kurt Schwehr)

GEOS Development Team

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