[geos-devel] Update to 3.9?

Regina Obe lr at pcorp.us
Tue Nov 24 17:01:31 PST 2020

> All the performance talk is mostly because JTS still runs a lot faster
than GEOS
> for some bulk processing. My current test is a big union of watershed
> boundaries, about 6MB of data, which takes about 20s under GEOS and
> about 25% of that under JTS.  It's a big gap, and in theory the two code
> are pretty aligned right now. Same overlayNG engine, etc. So I figure
> has to be a big implementation ball of performance hiding under the covers
> somewhere. No luck thus far.
> I think we're close, looking forward to release :)
> P
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You have your sample watershed data set.  Would like to test it out myself.


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