[geos-devel] Issue references in git history

Sandro Santilli strk at kbt.io
Thu Nov 11 15:26:16 PST 2021

Now that we're officially on GitHub we need a way to deal
with issue references in the git repository commit history.

All the issue references we have are in the form '#xxx' with
'xxx' being a number and referring to a trac ticket.

As we are NOT planning to rebuild the GitHub repository to
have a 1:1 mapping of Trac tickets to GitHub issues we're
left with the problem of GitHub source browser turning those
references into links to unexisting or completely unrelated
GitHub issues.

The GitLab and Gitea mirrors support "external issue trackers"
so can be configured to still point at Trac, but if in the future
we are going to still use '#xxx' to refer to *github* tickets
we're doomed to never have a way to fully qualify them.

For the mirrors I decided to point them at a CGI script I wrote
which gives two links: one toward github and one toward trac,
and in case only one of the two pages exist, redirect him there.
You can see how it works by following the ticket reference from
these pages:


It's not the best solution, but still helps the user finding
her way to the actual ticket being referenced.

For GitHub it will still be a problem. How can we solve that ?
According to
GitHub also understands the `GH-xxx` syntax to refer to GitHub
issues/pull-requests, did anyone test this ? Could a policy be
to use these different syntax to refer to GitHub ?


  Libre GIS consultant/developer

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