[Geotiff] File format for geo-coded ground-based photos

Ned Horning nedh at lightlink.com
Wed May 10 09:06:46 PDT 2006


I am looking for file format standards for geo-coded ground-based photos.
I'm developing a project to collect and archive digital photos with GPS and
direction information but haven't found a standard file format for storing
all of this information. The information stored with the photo data should
include camera state (focal length, date, time, frame size, resolution),
location (geographic coordinates), and orientation (camera bearing, and
possibly camera inclination) information. 

Would it make sense to extend the GeoTIFF format? TIFF tags already exist
for storing camera information (EXIF tags), GPS information (GPS tags), and
image geocoding information (GeoTIFF). I expect additional TIFF tags could
be developed to contain other metadata. 

If a new standard needs to be developed how does one begin that process.
Would the geodata committee of OSGeo be a good start?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

All the best,


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