[Geotiff] Add support for TIFFOpenStream

Fred Rothganger fred at rothganger.org
Thu Feb 8 06:01:31 PST 2007

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Fred Rothganger wrote:
>> Frank Warmerdam wrote:
>>>>    2) Make _XTIFFInitialize() public.  Since this is the only thing 
>>>> special about the XTIFFOpen() functions, it is just as simple to 
>>>> allow the client code to call it, and then use whatever TIFFOpen it 
>>>> wishes.
>>> Feel free to submit a bug report with the patch to make this public and
>>> I will incorporate it.
>> Frank,
>>    I submitted bug report #1296 with the patch attached.  Could you
>> look at and see if it can be applied?  This would really be helpful to
>> me, because I am preparing my software for release, and would really
>> like to avoid shipping a specially modified library with it.
> Fred,
> I have reviewed and applied your patch.  I apologize for the delay.


Do you plan to roll another public release soon?  Best I can tell, the 
last one is 1.2.3 in 3/06.

-- Fred

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