[Geotiff] Polar stereographic projection

Merold cm at vcs.de
Tue Feb 19 07:20:36 PST 2008



I once more would like to ask a question regarding the definition of the

polar stereographic projection in the GeoTIFF format.


I would like to store raster images in the GeoTIFF format using the

polar stereographic projection (north or south) were the center longitude

can be arbitrary between 180 degrees west to 180 degrees east.

Furthermore the latitude in which the map plane intersects the globe

should also be anywhere between 90 degrees south and 90 degrees

north. (A typical example would be a center longitude of 15 degrees east

and a intersection latitude of 60 degrees north.)


How is this defined in the GeoTIFF tags?


Looking at the samples files on the remotesensing.org website for

example for a polar stereographic south image the definition here is:


ProjNatOriginLongGeoKey (Double,1): 0                

ProjNatOriginLatGeoKey (Double,1): -90              

ProjFalseEastingGeoKey (Double,1): 0                

ProjFalseNorthingGeoKey (Double,1): 0                

ProjCenterLatGeoKey (Double,1): -90              

ProjScaleAtNatOriginGeoKey (Double,1): 1



Which of the two “-90” values defines the map plane and which only

means “this is polar stereograhpic south”?


I have not been able to find a valid set of parameters to define my raster

All other projections I have tried look fine.


I would be glad if anyone could help me on this issue, since I have no idea,

what is the correct way of defining the meta data for this projection.


Thanks in advance!


Best regards,

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