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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jan 12 15:15:10 PST 2009

Norm Olsen wrote:
> Hello Frank & Chris . . .
> Thanks for the kind words about GeoTiffExaminer.
> Autodesk now owns GeoTiffExaminer, so I or Mentor Software cannot do much
> unilaterally.  I'll check with the powers that be and see what their
> position on this is.  The code which examines the TIFF file is not a part of
> the code Autodesk donated to Open Source.
> Frank: Does GDAL have some basic TIFF directory capabilities in it?
> GeoTiffExaminer doesn't do anything to the image, just enables examination
> and modification of the TIFF Tag directory; pretty simple stuff.  Is this a
> utility one could add to the GDAL package?


GDAL mostly works at a higher level, and doesn't give the same detailed
level of access to the geotiff tags.

The libgeotiff "listgeo" utility in combination with geotifcp does something
similar, but is not graphical - which I think is part of the appeal of

I would *claim* that the commandline tools do everything people need, and
that GeoTIFFExaminer is just a convenience (though I could be missing
something), and so I'm not too awfully excited about reproducing it's

Note, it is not critical for Autodesk to open source GeoTIFFExaminer.
But it would be nice if it could become available to redistribute for
free as it used to be.

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