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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jul 5 06:12:26 PDT 2010

TSP wrote:
> I wish to use Geo TIFF library in an MFC (using Visual C++ 6) 
> application. I downloaded both ordinary tiff and Geo Tiff libraries, 
> each of which consists of dozens and dozens of files. I included all 
> those files in an MFC project using Project|Add Files facility. Before 
> writing a single line, I compiled but I am getting a lot of errors. Most 
> errors refer to 'unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled 
> header...' or such. I included stdafx.h as the first line in the files, 
> but I'm getting different types of errors.
> Can you kindly make me clear on how to use the two libraries; if you 
> write the same in the website it will reach a wide audience. Also 
> examples on how to read and write TIFF as well as Geo TIFF will be 
> welcome. Though some example is given in documentation, I am feeling 
> shaky. My e-mail is tsp.nrsa at rediffmail.com

T.S. Prasad,

Building libtiff on windows is addressed at:


Scan down to the section titled "Building the Software under Windows ..."

It is not the project practice of libtiff or libgeotiff to provide
MS Visual Studio project files.  You cannot just add all the source
to a project as you must be careful to exclude non-default code and to
prepare some include files that are platform specific and normally
generated.  However, examining the makefile.vc's should be reasonably
instructive in terms of what files are required and what preparatory
steps are appropriate.

Normally folks build libtiff and libgeotiff using the makefile.vc's
and then link their applications to the resulting .lib files (or the
stub libraries if they want to use the DLLs).

Some care should be taken to use compatible build options in makefile.vc
to those used in the primary project.

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