[geotk] GeoAPI javadoc now contains UML diagrams. Should they be visible by default?

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Fri Jul 31 06:01:42 EDT 2009

Hello all

GeoAPI javadoc now contains UML for each package and each class. They are 
created automatically from the interface hierarchy, with the help of a few 
special javadoc tags for declaring the associations. The result looks like:


Note that the UML are clickable: a click on a UML box will move you to the page 
for the selected interface.

For now only the UML in "GeoAPI core" show the associations. The UML in 
GeoAPI-pending are less useful since those interfaces have not yet been 
annotated for UML.

The UML diagram take a lot of place on the page. We have the possibility to hide 
them by default and show them only when the user click on "Show UML for this 
class". What peoples prefer?

   1) UML immediately visible? (current javadoc)
   2) UML hiden by default and visible only when asked?


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