[geotk] "Custom" location local projection

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Fri Sep 4 03:46:59 EDT 2009

Hello Sam

Sam B a écrit :
> I just have a much general question. For my application, I think that an 
> orthographic projection will be fine ; I need to be quite accurate (a 
> few %) in a zone of about 10km x 10km. I noticed that the orthographic 
> projection is a plane tangent to the earth at any location I can choose, 
> you just indicated me how in your post.

Maybe the Stereographic projection is worth a look? The Orthographic projection 
is more for pictural view and is not accurate for measurement. The Stereographic 
projection has special cases designed especially for the polar areas, but works 
also at equator or in the oblique case.

The Javadoc gives a small summary. It also gives links to the relevant page on 
the MathWorld web site, which is a useful source of informations.



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