[geotk] Geotk 3.10 released

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Tue Apr 6 05:50:44 EDT 2010

Hello all

The monthly release has just been done. The bundles, release notes and list of 
all API changes in "geotk core" are available there:


The main features in this release are:

   * Initial port of "Postgrid" database schema, available in the
     org.geotoolkit.coverage.sql package. For those familiar with
     NetCDF, this is conceptually similar to NcML but using a
     database instead than a XML file. Compared to the version
     previously provided in the Constellation project, this port
     got extensive code cleanup.

   * More extensive support in the referencing module for conversions
     between coordinates having more than 2 dimensions.

   * Supports HSQL in addition of Derby for the EPSG database. Just
     adding the HSQL jar file on the classpath is suffisient (no need
     to pickup a different geotk module). If both the HSQL and Derby
     JAR files are present, the Derby one will have precedence.

The main features in the "pending" section of geotk are:

   * Addition of CSW, WCS and SOS clients (in addition of WMS
     which was already there).

   * Initial support of Dimap grid coverage format.



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