[geotk] début, installation

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Wed Apr 14 08:31:17 EDT 2010

Hello Didier, and welcome!

Since the Geotoolkit project tries to reach an international user bases, the 
mails need to be in English. No worry, I will summarize your question.

In short, Didier downloaded geotk-bundle.pack.gz, unpacked it and have been able 
to run the Plot2D widget, but not the more elaborated widgets based on 
MapContext, SingleFeatureTypeBuilder, etc.

This is normal since geotk-bundle.pack.gz contains only the stable part of 
Geotk. The MapContext and other classes live in the pending part for now. You 
can download a bundle which contains everything (both the stable and pending 
parts with all there dependencies) there:


This remind me that I need to provide a link on the Geotk web page...

The second question that Didier asks is: is it possible to use data from a WMS 
server with Geotk? The answer is yes, using the geotk-client-wms module 
(included in the above-cited pack). However in order to get an example about how 
to use them, we need to hope that Johan Sorel read his email during his holiday 
:) (he is in holiday right now).

A third issue raised by Didier is that the demo applet don't work in his 
browser. This is a know issue that I need to fix; things are made more difficult 
by the fact that I'm developing on a Mac platform, and applet behavior seems to 
change more than standard Java applications between browsers.



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