[geotk] Geotk 3.09 released

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Mon Mar 1 07:08:01 EST 2010

Hello all

Geotk 3.09 has been released. The bundles for the "core" library, together with 
the release notes and the list of API changes, are available there:


The Maven artifacts for both geotk-core and geotk-pending are available at:


The main new feature in "geotk-core" is the addition of the GridCoverageReader 
class, which create GridCoverage2D objects from some data store (typically image 
files). This was the last step in the chain from Image I/O to Coverage. Users 
who want to read Coverages from files (NetCDF, AsciiGrid, TIFF + WorldFile...) 
can now do that much more easily. The relationship between "GridCoverageReader" 
and "GridCoverage" is similar to the relationship between "ImageReader" and 
"RenderedImage" in the standard Java API.

The main work in "geotk-pending" is bug-fixes and performance enhancements.



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