[geotk] trouble with jai-next...

sorel johann johann.sorel at geomatys.fr
Thu Feb 10 05:16:53 EST 2011


This question is for me :)

could you give more details, if you can :
- the full stacktrace of the error
- the code you used to create the JMap
- the MapContext creation

and the list of files which are linked to the shapefile you use.
for example if there is a .qix .prj .shx .idx ...

I suspect your shapefile doesn't have a .prj file but it might be 
soemething else.



Le 10/02/2011 10:15, Brigitte Charnomordic a écrit :
> Thanks Martin,
> You're right, I don'get the Error in registry file any more
> and the JMap2DFrame comes up.
> But nothing is displayed on the canvas, with the following error:
> Exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0" java.lang.NullPointerException
>        at 
> org.geotoolkit.display.canvas.DefaultCanvasController2D.setVisibleArea(DefaultCanvasController2D.java:280)
> The same shapefile can be displayed using geotools.
> Any hint?
> Thank you for your time
> Brigitte
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