[geotk] prj file

Brigitte Charnomordic bch at supagro.inra.fr
Thu Feb 10 09:47:32 EST 2011

Hello Martin,
So ... I have spent some time trying to find out about the projection 
used for my data.
And the conclusion is that I don't know.

Let me explain what I am trying to do, so that you don't jump with horror!

I have a C++ program that reads as inputs georeferenced data (whatever 
the projection system), and builds zones according to some attribute values.
I use the open source C++ shapelib library to generate shape files 
I have a working Java interface, that I built a couple years ago with 
geotools, to view these shapefiles, zoom and so on.

I am trying out geotoolkit to see if it's easier to use for building a 
Java interface with extended functionalities.
I never had to worry about the projection system in geotools, and of 
course the projection can change with the input data files.

Do you see a way out?

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