[geotk] Change the CRS of an existing GridCoverage2D

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Sat Feb 26 17:36:14 EST 2011

Hello Fabien

Le 25/02/11 22:52, Fabien Carrion a écrit :
> org.opengis.geometry.MismatchedDimensionException: Argument "gridRange" has 2 dimensions, while 3 was expected.
> (...snip...)
> I have
> Dimensions RenderedSampleDimension("Albedo":[6.0 ? 79.3 %])
>      GeophysicsCategory("Albedo":[6.0 ... 79.30000305175781])
>      GeophysicsCategory("No data":[NaN(0...0)])
> Where can I find the dimension which is missing?

The dimension that the exception is talking about are CRS dimensions, not 
"sample dimension". I admit this is not obvious given the "dimension" and 
"sample dimension" names...

I would guess that the CRS associated to your data is 3 dimensional (where the 
third dimension is probably time) while some other argument is two dimensional. 
Could you post the output of the following please:


Maybe a snipset of your code would also help.


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