[geotk] Geotk 3.18-geoapi-3.0 release candidate

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Mon Jun 13 03:28:20 EDT 2011

Hello all

Geotk 3.18 has been released. This release contains bug fixes and the resolution 
of some pain points, like being able to lookup and compare 
CoordinateReferenceSystem with a small numerical tolerance factor. The releases 
note are available at http://download.geotoolkit.org/3.18/.

Starting from this release, we are maintaining a "/GeoAPI-3.0/" branch straight 
in the main Geotoolkit.org code repository. You can see the branching online: 
http://hg.geotoolkit.org/geotoolkit/graph/32c40a212089 The policy is:

    * The /default/ branch (which depend on geoapi-pending) is still deployed on
    * The /GeoAPI-3.0/ branch (which depend on the stable GeoAPI released by
      OGC) will be deployed on Maven Central

Note that the /GeoAPI-3.0/ branch does not contain the coverage or widgets 
modules, since those modules are not part of the GeoAPI official release. Any 
user who use Geotk only for its metadata or referencing part, I would suggest to 
switch to the /GeoAPI-3.0/ branch.

The first release candidate of the /GeoAPI-3.0/ branch has been deployed on a 
temporary staging directory, which can be used as below. If anyone have a chance 
to try this version, comment would be very welcome. If no blocking issue is 
reported, this release candidate will be pushed verbatism to Maven Central.

     <name>Nexus staging repository (temporary)</name>



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