[geotk] AbstractMethodError accessing EPSG database

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Thu Jul 19 17:09:08 PDT 2012

Hello Casey

Le 20/07/12 02:01, Casey McGinty a écrit :
> Why does the Maven POM file not specify the version dependency for 
> HSQLDB? Clearly 1.X does not work with the database.

Actually the version is declared in the <dependencyManagement> section 
of the parent pom.xml (line 321). The version is currently set to 2.2.8. 
The Maven <dependencyManagement> is a mechanism allowing to declare the 
version numbers of all dependencies only once, in a centralized place, 
instead than repeating the version numbers in each child pom.xml.

Did it worked better for you with HSQLDB 2? Or do you have a strong need 
for a code working with HSQLDB 1.x?

There is a useful Maven tip which may help: if you have a project that 
use Geotk or any other Maven project, the following command line in your 
project should give you the list of dependencies:

mvn dependency:tree

an inspection of the output should help to identify possible conflict in 
version numbers.


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