[geotk] Apache SIS 0.3 and Geotk 4.00-M0/M1 released

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Mon Aug 19 03:07:11 PDT 2013

Hello all

Apache SIS 0.3 has been released and can be downloaded from Apache 
servers [1]. This release contains a port of the geotk-utility and 
geotk-metadata modules, together with bug fixes.

Geotk 4.00-M0 and 4.00-M1 have also been deployed on the Geotk Maven 
repository [2]. Both of them use a branch of Apache SIS 0.3. In Geotk 
4.00-M0, all Geotk utility and metadata classes are still present but 
deprecated. In Geotk 4.00-M1, most Geotk utility and metadata classes 
have been removed in favour of SIS ones.

In the majority of cases, migrating from Geotk to Apache SIS is simply a 
matter of replacing "import org.geotoolkit.…" statements by "import 
org.apache.sis.…". An Ant script is provided for automatizing the 
replacements in existing projects [3].

Projects which use only the metadata classes are encouraged to migrate 
to Apache SIS. Projects which use more than metadata (e.g. referencing, 
coverage, renderer) can give a try to Geotk 4.00-M0 or M1 in order to 
complete SIS.

Apache SIS 0.4 will contain the geotk-referencing module. Other modules 
will follow in other SIS versions.



[1] http://sis.apache.org/downloads.html
[2] http://maven.geotoolkit.org/
[3] http://www.geotoolkit.org/3.x/UpgradeTo4.xml

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