[geotk] Merging of Geotk and Geotk-pending

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.fr
Thu Feb 20 08:03:01 PST 2014

Hello all

The merging of Geotk and Geotk-pending is completed.

  * If anyone were cloning the Mercurial repository, we suggest to
    forget the geotoolkit-pending one since everything is now in
  * <groupId>org.geotoolkit.pending</groupId> is not used anymore -
    everything moved to <groupId>org.geotoolkit</groupId>.
  * All data access modules now follow the same naming pattern:
      o geotk-coverage-/xxxx/
      o geotk-feature-/xxxx/
      o geotk-client-/xxxx/
  * Some modules have been merged together:
      o geotk-render = geotk-display + geotk-render
      o geotk-widgets-swing = geotk-widgets-swing +geotk-wizards-swing +
      o geotk-index = geotk-index + geotk-index-tree
      o geotk-feature = geotk-feature + geotk-filter + geotk-filter-cql
      o geotk-wms = geotk-wms + geotk-wmsc
      o geotk-processing = geotk-processing-core + all
        geotk-processing-xxxx modules (10 of them)
      o geotk-demo-samples = geotk-simples + geotk-demo-samples
      o geotk-referencing = geotk-referencing + geotk-referencing3D

A few more merges may be applied in the future.


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