[geotk] Problem with 'copyright' special character when XML marshalling

Emmanuel Blondel emmanuel.blondel1 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 07:41:01 PST 2014

Hi Martin, thanks for your prompt reply.
Here attached some code. I have certainly a problem of encoding. Why the 
copyright is not converted to ©? Same question for diacritics (see 
spanish words).

I have difficulties to isolate the issue from the whole, since the issue 
seems at runtime. The application i've built generates a xml from a 
template, afterwhat it publish it to geonetwork. For unknown reasons, 
putting the copyright symbol breaks the publication, as something was 
invalid in the xml. If i separate the 2 actions, first marshall and 
produce the xml, then manually import the xml in Geonetwork, it works. I 
point you to the code i use:
- Metadata (where i use the copyright symbol in a citation template): 
(row: 332 - 345)
- publisher (where i marshall to XML and publish the xml to Geonetwork): 


Le 20/01/2014 12:46, Martin Desruisseaux a écrit :
> Hello Emmanuel
> Thanks for the issue report. Could you send us a small test case that 
> reproduce the problem?
>     Martin
> Le 20/01/14 12:34, Emmanuel Blondel a écrit :
>> Hi all,
>> I'm currently facing an issue when marshalling a metadata in UTF-8. 
>> Such metadata contains some text content that has the "copyright" symbol.
>> If i put the symbol itself, the XML marshaller does not keep it, and 
>> for strange reason replaces it with the (R) symbol. Apart from this, 
>> this makes raising an exception once i attempt to publish it in the 
>> metadata catalogue. The copyright is not converted to ©
>> Any idea on how i should manage such special character with 
>> geotoolkit metadata?
>> Many thanks in advance
>> Emmanuel
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