[geotk] WPS client example

Alexis Manin alexis.manin at geomatys.com
Mon Jan 27 06:42:11 PST 2014

Hi Emmanuel,

The way you instantiate your object looks fair. here is an example of how I
generally use WebProcessingServer object :

        final String SERVICE_URL = "http://domain.org/yourserver/wpsService

        // Identifier of the process we want.
        private final static String PROCESS_ID = "some-exposed-process";

        //allow reprojection even if grid or bursawolf parameters are
        Hints.putSystemDefault(Hints.LENIENT_DATUM_SHIFT, Boolean.TRUE);

        //force loading all image readers/writers

        //global initialization

        // Instantiate client :
        final URL wpsURL = new URL(SERVICE_URL);
        final WebProcessingServer wpsClient =
                new WebProcessingServer(wpsURL,

        // Once initialized, we can ask a description of wanted process,
using its id.
        ProcessDescriptor desc = wpsClient.getDescriptor(PROCESS_ID);

My guess is that, maybe, the 52 north client uses an embedded security
manager to connect your client to the server. Have you tried a
getCapabilities request using your navigator, to ensure the server does not
asks for connexion ?

Alexis Manin,
Développeur JAVA/JEE.
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