[geotk] Geotk 4.X with JDK6 ?

Martin Desruisseaux desruisseaux at apache.org
Wed Jun 25 05:40:10 PDT 2014

Hello François

We do not maintain at this time a JDK6 branch of Geotk. However we will
continue to maintain a JDK6 branch of Apache SIS, and ensure that all
Geotk code ported to SIS will be backported to JDK6. Could you tell
which Geotk module do you use, in order to try to estimate when they
would be ported to SIS?



Le 25/06/14 13:42, Francois Andre a écrit :
> Geotk 4.X implies JDK7 dependencies (apache sis 0.5-jdk7-SNAPSHOT
> dependencies).
> Would it be possible/reliable to use the apache sis librairies coming
> from the jdk6 branch instead ?
> I mean excluding jdk7 dependencies and adding the corresponding jdk6
> ones ?
> If the answer is yes, is there somewhere a repo where one can found
> 0.5-jdk6-SNAPSHOT jars ?
> Sincerly
> Francois

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