[geotk] Problems with JAXPStreamFeatureReader (side-effects from recent changes?)

Emmanuel Blondel emmanuel.blondel1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 07:43:21 PST 2015


I come back to you on the JAXP StreamFeatureReader.
So far we used it successfully in one of our project, for getting data 
from WFS 1.0 and 1.1 (i've reported on this list the kind of issue we 
had with WFS 2.0). Due to some recent bug fixing, we were still relying 
on the 4.x-SNAPSHOT version.
Unfortunately, this is not working anymore, and i get some error like 
this one (subset for what concerns geotk):

/java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The xml does not describe the same 
type of feature: //
// Expected: _FeatureCollection//
//But was: ExceptionReport//
//    at 
//    at 
/Since we didn't change anything on our side, we suspect it could be a 
side-effect of recent changes?

Many thanks in advance if you could have a look into this

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