[geotk] Migration from geotk 3.20 to Apache SIS

Christoph Steinforth csteinforth at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 02:10:55 PST 2019


currently we are trying to migrate a project which uses geotk 3.20 to the
Apache SIS. We removed all the imports org.geotoolkit.* in order to let the
Eclipse IDE pick up the new imports from Apache SIS. Is this the proper way
to handle this, or do we need to delve deeper into the actual classes to
prevent crashes beforehand?

The second questions concerns some classes from the former
org.getoolkit.feature.type package (e.g. DefaulAssociationType), which does
not seem to have a replacement in SIS (maybe I haven't found it yet, so
please apologize). Is there a replacement for those classes already
available, or is this some work in progress?

Thanks in advance,

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