[geotk] migration to java 11

Martin Desruisseaux martin.desruisseaux at geomatys.com
Sun Feb 28 06:29:46 PST 2021

Hello Juergen

Le 28/02/2021 à 08:17, juergen sorg a écrit :

> we recently migrated our applications to java 11. but we got the 
> exception [0] when creating a geotk marshaller. is there a version of 
> geotk that supports java 11? (tried it with geotk 3.21.1 but with no 
> success)
> (we use geotk to request and parse metadata from a ogc csw service)
In the Geotk 4.x series, the ISO 19115 / 19139 metadata handling moved 
to Apache SIS (http://sis.apache.org). Do you use Geotk only for that 
part, without the geotk CSW module? If you used only the ISO 19115 / 
19139 metadata part, I would suggest to move to Apache SIS and you may 
not need Geotk anymore. We can help by emails for this migration. If you 
use also the Geotk CSW module, then there is some additional steps (we 
will give more details in next emails if this is your situation).


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