[GRASS-announce] PSC election 2016 Result

Nikos Alexandris nik at nikosalexandris.net
Thu Sep 1 14:46:57 PDT 2016

Dear all, this post concerns the election result for the new steering
committee (no cross-posting to avoid useless mail trafic).

The new Project Steering Committee is composed by the following nine members

1  Markus Neteler    62
2  Helena Mitasova   53
3  Martin Landa      52
4  Anna Petrasova    45
5  Moritz Lennert    41
6  Margherita Di Leo 39
7  Michael Barton    35
8  Peter Löwe        33
9  Vaclav Petras     31


A warm Thank You for their candidacy, and dedication to the project, goes to

-  Helmut Kurdnovsky 30
-  Yann Chemin       29
-  Veronica Andreo   28
-  Micha Silver      20

More details in earlier announcement sent to the grass-psc mailing list:

For completeness, all relevant candidacy communications, as well as
details over the voting process, are (or will be) published in

Still missing something, or hit a broken link?
Please contact the CRO publicly, in example by responding to this post.

Thank you.

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