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point to the wiki

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 Open Source Software / Free Software (OSS/FS)?</a>. This article from
 David A. Wheeler tells you why.
+<h2>The GRASS Wiki</h2>
+<li>The GRASS community maintains a
+<a href="http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/Main_Page">Wiki collaborative help
+site</a> which contains getting started guides, tutorials, tips and tricks, FAQs,
+and a lot more. See the Getting Started and First Day Documentation sections of the
+<a href="http://grass.gdf-hannover.de/wiki/GRASS_Help">main help</a> page. The 
+information on the wiki will generally be more up to date than the information
+found on the web page. Migration, consolidation, and updates are a continual work
+in progress.
 <h2>Some new users questions</h2>

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